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Server attacks occur daily on the Internet. If your business operates any public server then it is a certainty that you have been under some form or stage of attack almost daily (even if you do not think you are). Whether you are interested in paying more attention to such attacks to ensure your data integrity or you know you are already a victim of a hack attack or Denial of Service we can help you. We can diagnose your situation and offer a fast first line of defense as well as permanent solutions. The latter may include  code evaluation and suggested changes, application specific monitoring, integration of detection techniques into your application etc.

One customer experienced periodic down time and sudden slow response times of their server web sites. Our investigation immediately showed indication of Denial of Service attacks. We promptly placed scripts to evaluate the situation and discover the offending servers. We found out that the DDoS they have been undergoing was occurring through over 3000 offending hosts and identified the pattern of accesses they have been using. We broke this pattern and compressed the list of offending hosts into a manageable set of firewall rules. We suggested the addition of a DDoS proxy for browser and visitor check as an extra precaution. That customer actually did not even proceed to buy such a service since we had completely solved this issue for them with the aforementioned steps.

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