Wordpress custom development

WordPress development

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We are experts in deploying WordPress as well as developing WordPress plugins for you. Woo-commerce is one of the best and most widely used e-commerce packages available today and its combincation with WordPress may allow you to rip the benefits of advanced SEO with great design and adequate e-commerce functionality for all your business needs.


Hosting Solutions

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We can host our developed solution onto one of our 8 – 16 core 32 thread, 16-64GB Ram, 240GB SSD, 3TB Raid Ubuntu LTS, US collocated servers starting at 120/month

With our combined algorithmic programming and math skills it is often that we are asked to perform analysis tasks on several business processes including casino games. For example, we have programmed the full strategy generation for the Caribbean Stud Poker casino game.


Our newest e-commerce platform is now live! We will publish it after we get explicit permission from our client.

It has been described as:

“Everything you need to sell online Intelligent technology to give you that extra edge”

“All around e-commerce business with full cost accounting and ROI tracking for every click for every element”

Please request the link if you are interested.


Opencart development

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BigSoft is an expert in custom Opencart development including Opencart modules, customized Opencart behavior, added functionality, themes, product database import-export and anything else your business may need.

Our extensions to Opencart can be viewed at the Opencart Extension Marketplace.


ERP Systems

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We can provide solutions anew or onto your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) infrastructure.


We can provide solutions to your Big Data needs. Whether your data are web logs, public data sets, private data sets we can combine them into the business knowledge you seek.


Shopping cart migration

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We can import your Excel data or your existing shopping cart to any advanced structures, different categorizations, automatic categories including into any existing shopping cart